ISSN: 1819-3293; 2415-3915

Formatting of article rules

Formatting of article rules for "Automation of ship technical facilities"

1. The manuscript is submitted in electronic form in Ukrainian or Russian and / or English: text in * .doc format, no more than 2 MB in size, typed on a sheet of A5 format with 10 pins, headset Times New Roman. Using lists in the Word editor is not allowed. A duplicate of the drawings is applied to the manuscript as separate files in any graphic bit format. The electronic version of the manuscript is accompanied by a printout, which must be signed by all authors.

2. The volume of the article (with illustrations, captions and abstract) should not exceed 0.5 copyright sheet.

3. On the first page of the manuscript should be indicated line by line: UDC index; Name of authors; the name of the institution in which the work was performed; article title, authors email addresses. At the end of the manuscript there is an abstract in three languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian and English - including the names of the authors, article title, summary and keywords.

If the manuscript is not completely English, it is accompanied by an annotation in English of at least 1800 characters, including keywords. If the manuscript is not completely Ukrainian-language, it is accompanied by an annotation in Ukrainian of at least 1800 characters, including keywords.

4. Tables are printed in the text and should be provided with explanatory headings. Links to tables are given in abbreviated form (tab.).

5. In formulas, letter designations and indexes, the Latin font must have a slope (with the exception of trigonometric functions), and the Greek font and Cyrillic must be typed in direct font. Only those formulas that are referenced in the text are numbered. Units of physical quantities must comply with DSTU 3651.0-97, DSTU 3651.1-97, DSTU 3651.2-97 "Metrology. Units of physical quantities" and have generally accepted designations.

6. The bibliographic description of the print must comply with GOST 7.1-2003. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description.

7. The text of the articles must comply with the requirements of the Decree of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 01.15.03, No. 7-05 / 1, "On Increasing the Requirements for Special Publications Entered in the List of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine".