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The objectives of the scientific publication:

coverage of relevant issues in the relevant field of knowledge;

dissemination of information on advanced research in these areas;

the formation of thematic scientific platforms for the exchange of scientific opinions, suggestions and experience;

exchange of research results between scientists from different countries;

transfer of knowledge and experience gained by the international community and scientific schools of the university;

development of new knowledge;

acquainting readers with international best practices in the implementation of scientific developments;

dissemination of research results, with the aim of introducing innovative technologies in the training of professional and scientific personnel.

Tasks of the scientific publication:

providing pages for publishing the results of basic and applied research in the relevant field of knowledge;

informing specialists and the public about current research areas;

expanding the ability to disseminate and index published scientific papers in various foreign citation databases;

giving scientists the opportunity to publish the results of their research;

drawing attention to the most relevant and promising areas of research on the topics of the publication;

interchange of opinions between researchers from different regions and states;

promotion of advanced concepts and practices for the effective management of scientific, innovative and educational activities;

increasing the relevance of the publication by maintaining the high quality of scientific publications that meet international standards;

development of professional ties and scientific cooperative interaction between scientists in order to develop constructive solutions aimed at the development of science, education and innovation;

generalization of theoretical and practical achievements in the field of research management, development of new approaches to the organization of research activities;

information support of scientific research in the field of using modern research strategies tools;

increase in citation index;

increasing the accessibility and openness of the collection in Ukraine and abroad;

promotion of the collection on the international and Ukrainian market;

increasing the level of scientific research through the prompt publication of the most significant results;

expanding the interaction of Ukrainian and foreign scientists working in these areas;

informing specialists about the latest research methods and techniques;

approbation of research of graduate students and applicants for academic degrees;

propaganda of the main achievements of both domestic and foreign science;

promotion of relevant information on the state of modern science, the dissemination of innovative and advanced research methods and techniques;

providing a platform for discussion, exchange of views on pressing issues of scientific research conducted in the country and the world;

exchange of experience, development of professional ties and scientific cooperative interaction.