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University editorial ethics

Publication Terms

Editorial ethics

General issues:

equality and a unified approach on all issues to all authors and languages ​​used;

informing the authors about the decisions taken on the article and the content of the reviews received;

providing authors with the opportunity to amend articles;

Monitoring compliance with editorial ethics is carried out by the Editorial Board of the Collection;

the editorial board of the collection takes measures to ensure the high quality of published articles;

the editorial board of the collection takes all possible measures to exclude cases of plagiarism or the use of obviously distorted data in articles.


all manuscripts submitted to the editor are checked by the authors for plagiarism and the correctness of the data used with the provision of a self-test certificate;

articles already published in other scientific journals are rejected from publication.

Ethical responsibilities of the authors:

be responsible for the content of the article and the fact of its publication;

cite publications that have a decisive influence on the essence of the work presented in the article;

prevent plagiarism and reprinting of materials of previously published articles in their work submitted for publication;

inclusion of co-authors in articles only of persons who have made a scientific contribution to the presented work and share responsibility for the results obtained;

the authors confirm that all the data in the article are correct and authentic.


the editors require reviewers to make an objective judgment on the articles they are considering;

The editors organize the review process in such a way as to prevent a reviewer’s conflict of interest in relation to the article and its authors.

Powers and responsibilities of the editors:

the editors have the right to reject or accept the manuscript on the basis of the received review;

The editors avoid situations in which a conflict of interest is possible with respect to the manuscripts in question.